Climate of Alaska:

The climate of Alaska is determined by average temperatures and precipitation received statewide over many years. There are three primary factors that contribute to Alaska's Climate: Latitude, Continentiality and Elevation.
Alaska Temperatures and Climate:
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The climate varies dramatically in Alaska:
Many weather-related myths surround Alaska's climate. One of the most common is that summer temperatures in Alaska are cool. In fact, like much of the United States, Alaska has four seasons and weather records at both ends of the thermometer. Alaska's summers are warm with highs that can reach into the 90s. Ft. Yukon holds the all-time record with a sizzling 100F temperature recorded in 1915.

Alaska's climate is changing:
The annual average temperature in Alaska has increased 3.5F from 1949 to 2005. Temperatures have changed more in Alaska over the past 30 years than they have anywhere else on Earth: winters have warmed by a startling 5-6F, compared with a global average of 1F. That's guaranteed to have dramatic effects in an Arctic landscape, where even small temperature changes can make the difference between freezing and melting.

Alaska's weather in a nutshell:
If you have ever yearned to visit our vast 49th state, you can certainly see by our five weather summaries that it can offer an extremely wide variety of weather conditions. Your best bet, if you desire sunny, clear skies and not-too-cold conditions, seems to be in the late spring or early summer.

Alaska's climate has warmed about 4F since the 1950's and 7F in the interior during winter. The state experienced a 30% average increase in precipitation between 1968 and 1990.Alaska covers an area of nearly 600.000 square miles and is the biggest state of United States. It is the less populated state also. The weather can vary greatly by region and season. Alaska consists of high mountains, volcanoes, moist Pacific air and the cold Arctic ice pack.

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