Tourist Attractions:

Alaska has thousands of fantastic tourist attractions to visit. If you have lived here for some time and did not know that you have such a wide variety of places to go to on a regular basis. Some of these places are free to the public and the rest have a small fee. Get out and enjoy life. Tourist attractions in Alaska - Theme Parks, Tours, Museums, National Parks, Historic Sites & More! Traveling in Alaska is like traveling no other place on earth. Choose from wildlife viewing, sea kayaking and guided glacier hikes. Relax aboard a one-day cruise, pan for gold, bait a rod for Alaska's world famous King salmon fishing.
Alaska Tourist Attractions:
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Here you find the complete list of Alaska tourist attractions, activities, events, hotels, restaurants and visitor information entries to help you plan an Alaska Vacation. You can find Alaska tourist attractions and activities in all of Alaska's regions: Anchorage, Fairbanks, Haines, Juneau and Other. There are wide ranging with mountains, beaches, rivers and most of all the glaciers and the forests. The top Alaska Tourist Attractions include places like Anchorage which is known for offering some spectacular scenic sights and provisions for activities. Denali National Park lying in the northern part of the Alaska Range, Denali National Park is the second largest National Park in the United States. The largest and most magnificent of the National Parks of Alaska, The Wrangell-St Elias National Park is the home to 16 highest peaks in the United States.

The Alaska Sea Life Center: Known for its research on marine life and steps to rehabilitate marine animals, the museum displays marine animals in their natural habitat. If you are looking for an unspoiled, natural vacation? Alaska is your answer. If you are looking for romance while experiencing the beauty of the great white north, Alaska is the place. Here are a few romantic destinations in Alaska worth your attention.

Main Tourist attractions are:

. Alaska Heritage Library and Museum
. Alaskan Botanical Gardens
. Alaska Zoo
. Spirit Walker Expeditions

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