Alaska Wildlife Tours:

Alaska offers many choices for a world class wildlife viewing adventure! We have the widest range of adventures to see Alaska's world-class wildlife, including incredible bear viewing opportunities.

Whales: During the summer months, more than 2,000 humpbacks are known to feed in the waters off Alaska, offering visitors plenty of chances to enjoy the splendor of these magnificent giants of the sea.
Bears: One of the things that makes Alaska so special is that all three species of North American bears flourish here. Brown/grizzly bears are found from the islands of southeastern Alaska to the arctic.
Wildlife Tours of Alaska:
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Birds:- Flying high above it all is the majestic bald eagle, which boasts a wingspan of up to eight feet. Some 40,000 bald eagles reside in Alaska today, with most nesting near water for easy fishing.
Moose:- Moose -- the largest deer species -- live almost everywhere in Alaska except on some islands and the far north. Anchorage, a city of 270,000, has hundreds of moose in the city limits, so don't be surprised to see a moose browsing in a park.
Caribou:- More than 30 herds of caribou are spread across mainland Alaska. Your best chance for seeing them is in Denali National Park and along the Denali Highway.
Dall Sheep:- Dall sheep are found in relatively dry country and frequent a special combination of open alpine ridges, meadows, and steep slopes with extremely rugged "escape terrain" in the immediate vicinity. They use the ridges, meadows, and steep slopes for feeding and resting. When danger approaches they flee to the rocks and crags to elude pursuers.
Other Marine Life:- Sociable Pacific white-sided dolphins often entertain with their acrobatic leaps and somersaults. In Prince William Sound, seals and sea lions congregate along the shore and on chunks of glacier ice floating in the water. But the animal that seems to be enjoying itself the most is the irresistible sea otter, which often can be seen swimming on its back or hugging a friend as they frolic together in the water.


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