Alaska Independent Tours:

Independent Alaska Land Tour? Do you like it when someone does the planning legwork for you, or do you prefer a more flexible itinerary? There's no right answer. Everyone has a different travel style, and there are pros and cons to both going with a group and doing it on your own. If you're thinking of traveling independently, makes it easy to do. We'll help you customize your own itinerary with pre-arranged lodging, tours, and transportation. Touring along Alaska's scenic roadways by rental car is a great way to explore at your own pace. The Alaska Highway system is safe and well- maintained, and we arrange the car rental for your driving tour.
Independent Tours of Alaska:
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On an independent Alaska land tour, most day tours are guided (fishing, flight seeing, etc.), but you get from place to place on your own, either:
By car: Most flexible and cost-effective; Alaska's highways are easy.
By rail/ bus: Let someone else take care of the driving and transfers.

Pros of Traveling Independently:

  • Flexibility: While some of your arrangements are pre-planned, you'll still have the time to really dig in to a town or place that appeals to you. And of course, if you don't like something, you can move right along.
  • More authentic: Instead of big tourist hotels and mass meals, you can discover tiny lodges and lot of roadhouse restaurants and there are plenty in Alaska.
  • Meet the locals: Buses and groups tend to be shut off from the local culture. By traveling on your own, you'll become closer to Alaskans and their unique way of life.
  • Alaska's easy: Sure, there's a lot of wilderness out there, but even small towns have well-developed tourism infrastructure - you'll find good lodging and restaurants most everywhere you explore. One word of warning, though: In peak season (June 15 - Aug 15), certain hotels and tours fill up early with groups on certain days, so if you want the most out of your limited time, you'll want to pre-plan. And we would be happy to help.


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