Folk Festival:

The Alaska Folk Festival is an annual celebration of folk music from Alaska, the Northwestern United States, and Canada, held in Juneau, Alaska. It most commonly occurs in the second week of April. It features performances from a wide variety of solo artists and musical groups, and it provides workshops for people interested in the music. Nine 4-hour performances averaging fifteen acts each, fourteen hours of dances plus dance workshops, a Family Concert and 40+ hours of teaching workshops devoted to every imaginable folk music skill, plus jamming all week long should be enough to wear out even the most dedicated enthusiast at the annual Alaska Folk Festival.
Alaska Folk Festival:
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The Alaska Folk Festival was born on a cold winter evening in 1975 when a half dozen Juneau folk musicians decided to put on a performance in the Alaska State Museum and grandly announced it as the First Annual Southeast Alaska Folk Festival. Eight musicians and an audience of several hundred friends had so much fun that evening that it was obvious there would be more such festivals. The Alaska Folk Festival is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers and donations. There is no admission charge for the festival concerts, workshops, dances or other events. The event has become the largest cultural event annually held in Juneau, with participants and attendees numbering over 10,000 and thousands more in the radio audience and on the Internet.

The Alaska Folk Festival took place April 7-13 in town. For many local residents the Folk Festival is a sign that spring is near. It is a not to be missed event which showcases the many talents that are in the state. It is a festival to celebrate music, arts and the community. For inquiring minds, the Alaska Folk Festival is held in Juneau at several venues, with the main stage being housed at Centennial Hall. Those familiar with Juneau know that Centennial Hall is located in the heart of downtown Juneau. It is approximately 10 miles from the Valley. There are a number of special workshops, concerts, dances and 'meet & greet' opportunities with the artists. It is an event that attracts people throughout the state and it is enjoyable for all ages!

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