Alaska Dog Sledding: True Alaska Adventure Travel

Have you ever dreamed of dog mushing, dog sledding, or an Alaska adventure travel vacation? Do you enjoy pristine wilderness as far as the eye can see, the thrill of majestic mountain scenery, abundant wildlife up close, few people and you don't want to rough it too much? Then read on, you've come to the right place. Since 1976, Alaska Dog Sledding has specialized in small group wilderness Alaska adventure travel.

If you've ever dreamed of taking an Alaska dog sledding tour, an abundance of companies are ready to help you. Options range from short, one-fourth-mile trips to 12-day mushing expeditions. You can ride along, or learn to mush and drive your own team on an Alaska dog sledding trip.
Dog Sledding Tours of Alaska:
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The winter Alaska dog sledding season usually runs from January through March, with the famous Iditarod race held in early March. In summer, your Alaska dog sledding tour may be given in a wheeled cart rather than on snow, or on a glacier. To avoid disappointment, be sure you know what you're getting when you reserve an Alaska dog sledding tour. Things to consider and ask about include where you'll be going and how long the tour will last, whether you'll be riding along or driving the dogs yourself, and what special clothing or equipment you need to bring along. And, of course, price. It takes a lot of chow to keep the Huskies mushing, and these trips don't come cheap.

Dog mushing in the Alaskan wilderness requires absolute trust between man and animal which can only be gained through a thorough understanding of animal care and training. In our Alaska Dog Mushing School you will learn from experienced mushers the skills to run your own dog team. Your training will include practical hand's on instruction regarding the care and feeding of sled dogs, theories of dog team building, voice commands, plus training and operating a dog team on the trail.


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