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The City and Borough of Sitka is a unified city-borough located on the west side of Baranof Island in the Alexander Archipelago of the Pacific Ocean (part of the Alaska Panhandle), in the U.S. state of Alaska. The name Sitka (derived from Sheet'kŠ, a contraction of the Tlingit name Shee At'ikŠ) means "People on the Outside of Shee," Sheet'-kŠ X'Šat'l (often expressed simply as Shee being the Tlingit name for Baranof Island. The town is sometimes referred to as "Sitka-by-the-Sea."
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Each summer Sitka welcomes 250,000 cruise ship passengers who bring great excitement and economic stimulus. Opportunities are open for new businesses desiring to serve the growing tourism markets in Southeast Alaska. Sitka is best known for the quality, quantity and variety of seafood harvested in Sitka waters and processed by four major fish processing companies. It ranks 6th as the largest port by value in the United States and 19th by volume.

Sitka is the fifth largest city in Alaska with a population of 8,644. It is located in the outer coast of Baranof Island, part of the Alexander Archipelago in Southeast Alaska, facing the Pacific Ocean and along the great circle air route to Japan, Korea, China, and Southeast Asia. The climate in Sitka is very similar to Seattle, with moderate temperatures and lush green forests. Wildlife and fish abound including all five species of Pacific Salmon, grizzly bears, bald eagles and many species of migratory birds. Nature-based tourism generated over $70 million in the Sitka area in 2005.

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