Reservation System

At the cornerstone of the Travii reservation System is the Reservations Module. This powerful, yet efficient and user friendly system includes some sub modules that drive dozens of customizable features and standard capabilities, making the Travii System the ideal choice for any reservations intensive business.

Travii reservation system manages and maintains unlimited reservations records and data. It also provides the facility through which unlimited product and services may be sold on any reservation. It provide the customize feature like definable drop-down fields to manage and track special reservation issues. It provides the user-friendly interface for editing any reservation product, price or items. Request-A-Quote with your detailed reservation system requirement specifications.

Our reservation software product has following modules:
  1. EVENTS / TOURS MODULE - The Travii events/tours booking module is designed to give your reservations agents quick, complete, reliable and up to the second real time product and service information and availability.

    All information concerning your scheduled events are retrievable including starting and ending dates & times, current availability, sales, pricing, taxes, reservation status and seating in much easy way. This module also provide the features like: create product, full cost tracking, block product for reservation, create pricing type, define date range for the price, product display detail includes starting and ending dates, starting and ending times, original availability, total sold and up to the second current availability.

  2. DIRECT SALES AND INVENTORY MANAGEMENT MODULE - The Travii direct sales and inventory management module is a user-friendly system designed to give your reservations agents the ability to "Up Sell" and add any and all types of additional products to any reservation booking. This module also provide the create product with product code and description, define pricing with full cost tracking by product and price type, assign the tax type with calculation formulas, each price type may be designated commissionable or non-commissionable to inside sales agents, outside sales agencies or outside sales agents within agencies and product status tracking by reserved, complete, cancel, no show, on hold and wait list.

  3. CHARTED / CUSTOM TOURS BOOKING MODULE - The Travii charted/custom tours booking module is an efficient system designed to give real time product and service information and availability on all products that require "on-the-fly" bookings based on customer requests.

    Unlike the Travii Events/Tours Booking Module which manages a predetermined availability based on starting dates, ending dates and starting and ending times, the custom and charted products & services booking module provides you full flexibility with open ended starting & ending dates booking, starting and ending times, based on the type of products and services that are available and requested by your customers. A visually driven representation of existing product, as well as current availability allows your reservations agents more products booking in less time, increasing customer satisfaction & employee productivity because of quick response times.

  4. CUSTOMERS MANAGEMENT - Travii customers management module is designed to satisfy the customer management. Customer form include the demographic information of the customer, height, weight, birthday, frequency of visit, customer type, assign discount, generate and prints mailing labels, tracking start and end date of membership etc.

  5. PAYMENT MODULE - The Travii payment processing module includes all the features and functionality you have come to expect in processing reservations payments quickly, efficiently, automatically and most important, accurately. It also includes the full and partial payment facilities and by combination of individual customer or customer(s) within the group, definable payment types like deposit, payment, Gift Certificate, Voucher etc. It also track the deposits paid and future deposit(s) due amount. Its also manage partial or full payment reversals, refunds or adjustments and manually or electronically payments & refunds processing(credit cards, debit cards etc).

  6. TICKETING / VOUCHERS MODULE - The Travii ticketing/vouchers module provides fast, efficient, reliable and controlled ticketing, (including seating assignments if activated), by any combination of products, and by any combination of individual customer(s), customer(s) within a group, or an entire group.

  7. PICKUPS AND DROP-OFFS MODULE - The Travii pickup and drop-offs module includes complete management and tracking of pickup and drop-off timing & locations, ensuring that your booked customers will always arrive and depart destinations accurately, professionally & on time.

Reservation Software
  1. AGENCY / AGENTS / EMPLOYEES MODULE - The Travii agency/agents/employees module includes complete and accurate management and tracking of outside companies and agencies and agents, including travel agents and third party resellers that book or sells your reservations products and services. This dynamic and powerful module includes commissions, discounts, and tracking by outside sales agency and/or individual agents within agencies.

  1. INSIDE SALES AGENTS / EMPLOYEES MODULE - The Travii inside sales agents or employee module includes complete and accurate management and tracking of inside sales agents and/or employees. This dynamic and powerful module operates transparently throughout the Travii system and includes commission and revenue management and tracking by inside sales agents and employees.

  2. MARKETING MODULE - One of the most important aspects of any business is cost effective marketing. The Travii marketing module includes full management and tracking on your marketing campaigns and promotions. This module maintain customizable marketing type likes radio, internet, TV, Billboard. Travii reservation system provides the facility to select auto prompt selection during reservation booking.

  3. FINANCE / ACCOUNTING MODULE - The Travii finance/ accounting module includes hundreds of efficient, accurate and real time on demand accounting features and reports found throughout the overall system as well as especially within the accounting module itself. This module includes the definable tax formula which can be assigned to any reservation product, definable reservation discount, definable extra charges etc.

  4. REPORTING MODULE - The most important and productive features of the Travii reservation system is reporting module with ability to generate consistent and accurate dynamic reports on demand. Travii includes many system reports that can be generated easily combinations by detail or summary, current or history, and by single customer, all in party or by outside sales agency or agent. It includes the cost analysis, deposits due, manifests, invoicing & statements, tax liability, payment detail and payment summary etc.
Please send us a Demo-Request with your reservation system specification to customize the product as per your need. Our representative will contact you within a working day after receiving your request.
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