Travii: Reservartion System - Product Features

  1. Reservations Back office and Online
  2. Invoicing/ Statements/ Confirmations and Proposals
  3. Rescheduling whole inventory for a product and Day to different product or different day
  4. Ticketing with Bar codes
  5. Batch Ticketing
  6. Seating- Manually assigned and Automatic
  7. Seating with option to define various layouts. Each layout has capability to define business rules. Enabling end users to visualize and select seats.
  8. Multi stop capability
  9. Complete control to add or remove for a certain day
  10. Check-in module
  11. Pickups and Drop-offs
  12. Marketing resource tracking
  13. Credit Card Payments 14 gateways incorporated
  14. Paypal / Google Checkout
  15. Refunds
  16. Outside Sales agencies and Agents
  17. Commissions on basis of Agents/ Agencies and Products
  18. Agency allocations
  19. Agency Credit Limit management
  20. Flexible Tax types
  21. Retail Item Management (Dinner/ Lunch Reservations)
  22. Charter management
  23. Dash board display all schedules
  24. Multi Currencies
  25. Access management on screen levels
  26. Discounts
  27. Capability to Email/Print and Fax
  28. Packages
  29. Reservation related reports
  30. Financial reports
  31. Online Customer portal
  32. Ability for customers to Add/Edit or Cancel reservations.
  33. Customer history management
  34. Seat selection with customized seating plans for customer portal
And a lot more features...

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