Travii Reservation Product FAQs:

Q.   What is Travii?
A.   Travii is an Online Reservation System. It includes 2 products, "TraviiPro" and "TraviiB2C".
"TraviiPro" is the back office system and "TraviiB2C" is the customer portal. "TraviiB2C" is where your end customers can come directly and make reservations.

Q.   Does customer portal "TraviiB2C" allow end customers to make changes to a reservation?
A.   "TraviiB2C" has a login module. When customers log into "TraviiB2C" they can look at the latest Reservation and all the history of previous reservations. Events happening in future are editable. They can Cancel or Change one or more items in an existing reservations, they can even add new items to an existing reservation.

Q.   Does customer portal "TraviiB2C" allows customer to change their seat assignment?
A.   Yes, Customer once logged in can assign seats or change already assigned seats.

Q.   Can I process Credit card payments on "TraviiPro" and "TraviiB2C"?
A.   Yes you can process Credit Cards, Google pay, Paypal and various other methods. We have 15 different kind of payment gateways configured in the system, covering majority of the world markets and incase your processor works with a gateway not already configured, our team of experts can make that happen in few hours.

Q.   Is Travii a desktop or web based solution?
A.   Both "TraviiPro" (The back office system) and "TraviiB2C" are web based solutions.

Q.   What technology does "TraviiPro" and "TraviiB2C" use?
A.   Travii uses Microsoft .Net technologies. It implements an SOA architecture, it utilizes complete potential of Windows Communication foundation both in SOAP and REST ways. The application was developed on .net framework 3.5 sp1, but includes all the new features introduced in .net framework 4.0.

Q.   Does Travii support Commissions to Outside Sales Agents/Agencies?
A.   Yes, Travii supports Commissions for outside agents. Travii has a very flexible commission structure, allowing various levels of commission which can be overwritten on product basis. Travii also supports discounts. Company does not have to send the commission checks instead customer gets a discounted price.

Q.   I work with agencies and we allow them to book on credit, can Travii support that?
A.   Travii allows companies to set a credit limit for each agency/agent. System keeps track of all the sales and as soon as an agency/agent uses their credit limit they are notified by an email and system does not allow them to take any more reservations on credit.

Q.   Does Travii have Inventory management built in? If yes is there a support for quota allotment for different agencies?
A.   Yes Travii has an Inventory management built in. Travii has different algorithms on how it manages inventory for scheduled items and how it manages them for charters. Client has very granular control to manage/change/cancel inventory for any given day/product. Travii allows customers to allocate inventories to outside agencies with abilities to take some of it back.

Q.   Does Travii support Multi stop reservations?
A.   Travii supports multi stop Reservations. Travii enables very granular control on these stops, allowing customers to block any of the stops for any given day.

Q.   Does Travii support Seat Allocations? If yes is automated seating supported?
A.   Yes Travii supports seat allocations. Travii contains a very powerful algorithm creating the seating chart on basis of few parameters, allowing customers to visualize seat location before selecting them.

Q.   Does Travii support Charters?
A.   Yes Travii has a separate module that supports charters. The Charter interface includes a dashboard allowing reservation agents to see how many charters are going out on any given day their start time, duration, vessel and the resource leading that tour.

Q.   Why there is a 100 hours of free training?
A.   At Travii our customers are our long term partners and we do everything in our ability to train them to be able to use Travii to its full potential. We usually train one administration level representative from client organization. 100 hours are enough to train one person, if needed we can add more hours to this process.

Q.   How can I qualify for free customizations?
A.   Travii offers various seasonal/occasional discounts. Right now we have Independence Day special going on and all companies placing order by July 4 will get at least 50 hours of free customizations. Every 100th caller will receive an extra 50 hours.

Q.   Is there a limit on the number of reservations agents can create in a week or a month?
A.   No there are no limits. A reservation agent can make as many reservations as they like.

Q.   I have a restaurant on the boat, can Travii support selling me dinner or other retail items?
A.   Yes you can sell dinner or any other retail items like DVDs of the scenic tour, souvenirs, sodas or gum. Travii has a "Retail Sales" module which comes standard with every installation.

Q.   Does Travii support Brochures?
A.   Yes Travii supports Brochures to individual customers or bulk vouchers to corporate accounts. Customers can redeem those vouchers through "TraviiPro" and "TraviiB2C".

Q.   We are an Airline company and we have to take names for all passengers, does Travii supports that?
A.   Yes, Travii has a setting which enables clients to take names for all the customers travelling within a reservation.

Q.   We have a very unique operation, how much customizations Travii can support?
A.   Travii is a Technology company with very good experience and knowledge of Reservation Domain. If you can think of a feature, Travii can implement it.

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