Tourist Caves:

Alaska has various types of caves, including true limestone solution caves which are found on Wales Island and in the Wrangell-St.Elias, glacier caves in southern coastal mountains and even lava tubes on the Pribilof Islands.

There are many limestone caves on the northern end of Prince of Wales Island, including two mile long El Capitan Cave. More karst areas appear on numerous other nearby islands of the southeastern panhandle of Alaska, encouraged by the acidic muskeg of the temperate forests. Other karst areas lie scattered across the interior of Alaska, from the Brooks Range.
Alaska Tourist Caves:
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Glacier caves are the easiest to access; several are located only an hour from Anchorage and contain over half a mile of surveyed passage in winter. Be cautioned that exploration of glacier caves is only safe after freeze-up and before snow accumulation to avoid melting and high avalanche danger.

The Trail Creek Caves are a group of twelve caves found within the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve on the Seward Peninsula of the Alaska. These included stone tools and bone fragments dated to 8,500 years or earlier. This location was first excavated in the late 1940s by Danish archeologist Helge Larson. The caves are located along Trail Creek near its mouth at Cottonwood Creek in the Northwest Arctic Borough.

Alaska has various sea caves, glacier caves and lava - tube caves to explore. Most of the Alaska caves are made of limestone & carved by rainwater. Alaska has many caves which are remain unexplored and their mysteries lie buried under the state's 585,000 sq mi.

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