Alaska Administrative Divisions:

The Administrative Division is responsible for Space and Procurement Management, Personnel, Payroll, Financial Records and Computer Systems. In addition, they ensure that a system of internals control is in place and followed to maintain control over the tax payer's assets. The current non-operating budget is approximately three million dollars.

Currently the District has fifty positions allocated to support its mission. Twenty-seven of those positions provide administrative support and include specialized positions, such as paralegals, legal secretaries, receptionist, administrative assistant and student aids. Eight of the fifty positions are dedicated to supporting the Administrative Section. Each Administrative Division employee is required to be a subject matter expert in one or more of the areas mentioned above in order to provide day-to-day operational support for the litigating division.
Administrative Divisions Alaska:
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Civil Division:
The Civil Division's mission is to protect the interests of the United States by defending against, and pursuing, claims for money damages and declaratory and injunctive relief in cases involving the entire spectrum of civil matters. Most often, the Division accomplishes its mission by litigating on behalf of the United States in federal or state court. However, the Division also routinely engages in attempting to resolve matters before they become litigation. Among the types of defensive cases litigated by the Civil Division are: tort claims seeking money damages from the United States for injuries allegedly caused by federal employee negligence; cases against federal employees for alleged violations of constitutional rights; cases challenging federal agency conduct in administering statutory or regulatory programs; employment discrimination and sexual harassment claims; social security disability appeals; immigration cases; and tax cases. The Division provides affirmative representation on behalf of the United States in fraud cases, forfeiture proceedings, and bankruptcy court.

Affirmative Litigation Affirmative Civil Enforcement
Financial Litigation Unit Asset Forfeiture Unit
Commercial Bankruptcy Defensive Litigation
Federal Tort Claims Act Litigation Employment Litigation
Social Security Litigation Environmental Litigation
Assorted Program Activities  

Criminal Division:
The Criminal Division for the District of Alaska consists of a Criminal Chief and twelve Assistant United States Attorneys (one of whom is based in the Fairbanks U.S. Attorneys Office). The Division is responsible for enforcing more than 900 federal statutes which are created by acts of Congress.

The Criminal Division consists of two broad specialty units - White Collar Crime Section and the Violent Crimes, Drugs and Anti-Terrorism Sections - as well as Asset Forfeiture. Further subdivisions are as follows:

The White Collar Crime section is subdivided into:
  • Environmental/ Wildlife Crime
  • Health Care Fraud
  • Cyber Crime
  • Tax Crime
  • Government Fraud/ Bankruptcy Fraud
The Violent Crime, Drugs and Anti-Terrorism Section is sub-divided into:
  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Organized Crime/ Drug Task Force
  • Rural Alcohol and Drugs
  • Rural Guns
  • General Crimes
  • Project Safe Neighborhood/ Project Sentry

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