Alaska - Barrow City Tours:

Barrow is one of the largest Eskimo settlements and the seat of the 88,000-square-mile North Slope Borough, the world's largest municipal government. It is also the farthest north frontier settlement in the United States. Traditionally, Barrow is known as Ukpeagvik, place where owls are hunted. Barrow was incorporated as a first-class city in 1959.
Barrow City Tours of Alaska:
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During the summer months tour operators offer package tours of the area that can include polar bear watching, photographing snowy owls or watching Inupiat Eskimos pull bowhead whales up the beach. Barrow also boasts 24-hour daylight when the sun rises on May 10 and does not set again until August 2. On the flip side, the sun sets on November 18 and does not rise again until January 24. offers users a selection of over 500 cheap restaurants in Alaska which can be booked online through our site. We provide online secure confirmed reservations through our website. With an increasing number of companies and online services, finding the best deal in the Travel and Transportation industry can be particularly overwhelming.

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