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Traveler's tales and adventures? Tell us your interesting stories and reports from the beaten track, the weird and wonderful events that define your trip. Spat on by a camel, monkey stolen your backpack, drunk under the table by a friendly Siberian. While there are a number of brilliant stories here, none entirely transcend the eras in which they were written and published; all bear telltale stylistic indicators, devices, and signs of their times. Now be inspired by the, read the best travel stories from around the world. Users can read other backpackers' adventures and submit their own experiences.New York for the weekend and on the cheap was how we wanted to do it. Of course something had to give and it was the time of year, we ended up going in March. We got cheap flights on an American Airline and booked into a tourist hotel. The very narrow seats, minimal legroom and the Cabin crew from hell made the flight over a slightly difficult experience. The stewards were abrupt, well no, they were downright rude, and most of the passengers ended the flight cowering in their seats and trying to avoid drawing attention to themselves.
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We decided that the Cabin Crew were just trying to toughen us up so that we would survive in the Big Apple. When we landed the sun was shining and it was 68C degrees. The hotel room resembled not so much a shoebox as a matchbox. Still we set off to see New York and discovered that because we had been there so often via our TV sets that it felt like home, well almost.

The highlights of the trip were seeing the John Lennon memorial in Central Park and the Twin Towers. We went to the top of one of the Towers and found the views to be totally awesome. When they were demolished by terrorist's 18 months later it was impossible to comprehend that they had turned into dust in such a short time.

The next day the weather changed completely and it snowed, which was a great shame as it put a damper on the St Patrick's day celebrations. We ate all in the time in deli's and can't recommend them highly enough. Without exception they provided excellent food at great prices. We saw all of the sights on the run as we only had 3 days but we were there long enough to decide to save up and go for longer another time. Highly recommended, you should go there at least once in your life.

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