Top Gift Ideas:

Got a traveler or backpacker on your gift list? You need some travel gift ideas. Check out these ideas that may spark your own imagination, or can lead you straight to non-biased personal reviews and price comparisons for this year's best student travel or backpacker (or flash packer) travel gifts. Every traveler or backpacker needs a backpack, and these laptop daypack backpacks are protective, comfy, stylish enough, and very sturdy. We love backpacks because they're ergonomic, air conditioned, well padded, well made, water resistant, and they've got laptop compartments, sound ports and practical pockets aplenty without featuring.

With the proliferation and ease of use of online travel journals, keeping a paper journal sounds old fashioned, but "talking" to a journal connects a traveler with home while on a train or in a hostel bunk -- give one as a gift and glue a picture of the two of you or the backpacker's family onto the inside back cover, and travelers can take a piece of home on the road.
Gift Ideas:
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Why is a travel gift great for any occasion? Because the vast majority of people like to travel. The ten-fold increase in passport processing over the last two decades is a good indicator of the popularity of travel. Since most people enjoy traveling, we put together a few travel gift ideas. There are backpacks for the adventurous, laptops for the studious, golf clubs for the serious golfer and luggage for all.

Whether for work or fun, people that travel a lot are easy to buy for. There are simply a ton of gadgets and travel accessories that can satisfy your need for travel gift ideas. Travel Gifts are designed to make anyone who travels more comfortable by making those long trips easier. Some Travel Gifts were made for use in a 12-Volt vehicle and most will work in a car (1 Cup Coffee Makers, Personal Cooler Warmers, Low Powered 12-Volt Refrigerator Freezers and CB Radios.

Travel Gift Suggestions:

Do you have one of those people in your life who seem to have everything? A not so often thought of, but terrific gift is the GPS-100 18-channel GPS Receiver. Why? The GPS-100 is priced at only $100, yet it will get you to within 10' of your hotel. Or any other place for that matter. If you have ever been wandering around, exploring a strange city, you have probably found yourself lost or worse, in a cab taking you (by way of the scenic route) back to your hotel when you wanted the direct route. Tap him on the shoulder and point directly to your hotel.

Travel with friends? You always want to go your separate ways and meet up someplace later, right? Just pop a way-point into the GPS-100 and no problem finding your way back to the meeting place. I'll bet you your gift will be unique and quite impressive.

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