Travii.com is an online travel destination portal where you can get all travel information regarding budget hotels. Tourists are interested in traveling to tourist places but there is lack of quality accommodation. We will boost supply of hotel rooms and encourage tour operators to promote these destinations. A huge number of Budget hotels have been built across the countries to provide accommodation to tourists visiting those places. There are also many resorts, which are preferred by travelers. All these resorts, lodges, inns and hotels provide world class services to their clients. Budget hotels often are private businesses, although some corporate giants like the Holiday Inn do offer competitive rates.
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You generally won't find luxury amenities like a porter to carry your bags or a proper restaurant. But unlike budget brands, which serve only breakfast, guests at most of these hotels have access to food whenever they want (mostly self-service), free Wi-Fi and plenty of public space. You can find hotels in all price ranges from very inexpensive to very expensive. Nearly all of the hotels have swimming pools and most of them offer transportation. For a pleasure trip or on business, you're sure to find a hotel that suits your preferences.

You can pick up affordable rates by booking as a group - luckily, you have a number of budget hotels in Travii.com to choose from. Great for independent travelers, families and groups. Here is no bargain. Budget Hotel keeps prices low by masking the lack of frills (and good service) with lots of designer touches. A continental breakfast, with coffee, juice, bagels, toast, muffins, pastries, and fresh fruit, is included in your stay. Compared with others in the affordable market, these newer chains have a modern aesthetic. Most have disproportionately large lobbies with smaller adjoining rooms, to accommodate travelers' desire for public areas with room to both work and socialize.

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