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Latest Travel News:

UK holiday spending to rise, says Visa study
March 19, 2012

UK holiday spending is poised to rise by an average 300 this year, according to a survey by Visa Europe.

Consumers intend to spend an average 3,890 on overseas breaks in 2012, an increase of more than 300 on 2011, the study suggests.

A poll of 2,050 adults also found a proportion of respondents plan September trips abroad in order to be in the UK to enjoy the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the London Olympics earlier in the summer.

An analysis of cardholder spending found UK tourists spent 12.4 billion on foreign holidays last year, a 2% rise on 2010.

Visa Europe suggests accommodation is set to be the biggest expense this year, followed by travel to and from a destination. The largest proportion of in-resort holiday spending will be on eating out and drinking in bars.

The expenditure analysis rated Spain the most popular destination in 2011, with 1.8 billion spent there by UK holidaymakers, followed by France (1.5 billion), the US (1 billion), Italy (560 million) and Australia (517 million).

UK tourists spent almost 900 million on local entertainment while away and 70 million on food and drink.

Source :- http://www.travelweekly.co.uk/
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