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Two Cruise Ships Mark Titanic Anniversary at Sinking Location
April 16, 2012

Two cruise ships chartered by a U.K. travel agency observed the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster on the very spot the liner went under in the North Atlantic.

Miles Morgan Travel organized the two anniversary voyages aboard Azamara Club Cruises’ Azamara Journey and Fred Olsen Cruises’ Balmoral.

An Associated Press reporter aboard the Balmoral said passengers broke out in prayers and song, followed by moment of silence, on April 15 at the exact time the ship sank 100 years ago, killing 1,503. Three floral wreaths were thrown into the water.

Aboard the Azamara Journey, a CNN reporter said passengers were silent as names of those who died were projected onto a screen. Earlier that night, the ship made an announcement at the same spot the Titanic first made a distress signal.

The Journey also threw two wreathes overboard.

Source :- http://www.travelpulse.com/
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